Mother of Four Still Missing 3 Months Later by Sabrina Blanco.

The day Yolanda Bindics disappeared her family was expecting some sort of news from her.  In the last days before her disappearance, her family said she was waiting to tell them a secret.  Now, three months after the Jamestown mother of four officially became a missing person her family still wonders what she had to tell them.

"She had something urgent to tell us and said she would be calling us that night to let us know what her secret was," said Margaret Ostrom, Yolanda's sister. "She seemed very concerned and worried. I believe she may have had a doctor's appointment the Friday before she disappeared. I wonder if she had received results of some kind of test, possibly a pregnancy test or maybe the results form some life threatening health problem."
Ms. Ostrom said the Jamestown Police Department was notified early in the investigation of a possible doctor's appointment and said that police had access to the information after they received all of her medical records.

"I am unhappy with police investigation and feel that several facts have been overlooked, " Ms. Ostrom said. "The big thing is that this isn't the first case that has come up in Jamestown."

Jamestown police have one officer assigned to the case until it is solved, and the FBI continues to investigate the case. " We have not overlooked any information that was presented to us and feel that we have covered all of the bases and followed leads tat we receive." said Capt. Lee Davies of the Jamestown Police Department. "We are currently waiting for the forensic lab results, which take a long time to develop and their return is pending."
The Post-Journal's coverage was not only a large chunck of their first page but also a very large chunck of the next page as well. They even printed a a large map of the area. Thank you Post-Journal for Finally taken the time give Yolanda the coverage she deserves!

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