Yolanda Bindics
Last Seen August 10th, 2004

$21,000 Reward
The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 716-484-7085
& $1,000 by Crimestoppers 716-856-5600   
for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for taking Yolanda Bindics life.

  2005 News Clips:
News Clips (provided by 2 On Your Side-WGRZ, WIVB-TV 4, WKBW-TV 7,  The Post-Journal, BuffaloNews www.35wsee.com, WBFO News, Cable 8 News, and other sources)

Sunday, December 25th 2005
This will be the second Christmas sadly celebrated without Yolanda. The second Christmas still hoping for that "Christmas Miracle". The second filled with mixed emotions. It is fondess for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.

Saturday, December 17th 2005
A Billboard was created for Yolanda. The space was donated by Larmar Companies. You can find the billboard on Rt. 60 (2 miles north of Jamestown).

Saturday, November 26th 2005
The case of a local missing woman received national attention Friday night on CNN's Larry King Live. The show mentioned several missing people, including Yolanda Bindics of Jamestown. For obvious reasons this moment could not have been any harder for Yolanda's old sister Ann Chmielewski. Clinging to the hand of her son, she watched as the story of her missing sister was heard for the first time by a national audience. The show dedicated a full hour to similar cold cases across America.
"Now there are other missing persons we want to discuss like Yolanda Bindics," King said around 40 minutes into the show. At that moment, Chmielewski began to cry. "It let the world know she has four little girls at home, dying without her," Chmielewski said. "They need their mom."
Bindics, a mother of four and only 25 at the time, disappeared without a trace in August of 2004 after leaving work at the Jamestown Family Dollar. The next day authorities found her car. Two months later they found her wallet and car keys washed up from a city storm drain. That was it.
Her family tried for the same national attention given to other cases, like that of Natalie Holloway. But aside from a mention on America's Most Wanted's website, this is as close as they've come. "It seems like [someone should] wake me up because I'm still dreaming," said Chmielewski, describing what it's like to have a missing sibling. "Even though it's been this long, it doesn't matter."
Oddly enough, just an hour later another of Yolanda's sisters, Margaret, appeared during On the Record with Greta Van Sustren on Fox News. Margaret was part of an audience of families with a missing loved one. Greta: "And she vanished without a trace?" Margaret: (crying) "Yes."
Jamestown Police recently admitted they're still no closer to figuring out what happened than they were at the time of Yolanda's disappearance. They also promised to keep looking, pointing to other national cases that have been solved after going cold for years.

Friday, November 25th 2005
Larry King Live Interview regarding Yolanda with Monica Caison of the the
Cue Center
Thank you Monica. You did a wonderful job!

Yolanda Bindics, this smiling mother of four vanished without a trace the night of August 10, 2004, after leaving work at the Jamestown Family Dollar. The next day, her car was found nearby at Arby's, leading police to believe she was probably taken by someone she knew, yet there were no clues. About a month later, in September, her purse and car keys washed up from a city storm drain, but that was it.
KING: And now, there are other missing persons you wanted to discuss. Yolanda Bindics, a 25-year-old mother of four young girls. Last seen August 10 of last year, leaving work in Jamestown.
What fascinates you about this case?
CAISON: Well, it's not a fascination. I got the call for help. She can't get any kind of media attention. She was locking up the store. She was a manager in a management position. She was locking up the store, last time she's been seen. You know, she's got four young children. They need their mother home and she can't get any more than local news coverage.
KING: Does she have a husband?
KING: Now authorities in that case, according to my notes, have described several menace persons of interest. What do they do with that? What does that mean?
CAISON: Persons of interest just means...
KING: Sounds like Aruba.
CAISON: ... that there's some of the -- maybe. Some of the dots are connecting, but not all the way, so they won't disclose any more than that. But some cases don't even have that.
KING: Well eventually, don't you run into the immovable object, you can't go any further?
CAISON: No. There's always something else you can do to continue forward to help find that person. I believe everyone deserves to be found and there's always a way to find them. It's just sometimes it takes longer than others.
KING: This one, Yolanda Bindics, this has been since August 10 of last year. There's a $21,000 reward. Are you hopeful here?
CAISON: Absolutely. Yolanda has, like I said, no one knows she's missing. You can't get tips. You can't solve a case if nobody in the community knows this person is missing. All these people need -- they're low-profile cases, they need national coverage.

Friday, November 25th 2005 *Special*
Two National Shows Featuring Some of our Missing Loved Ones including Yolanda Bindics:

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
This evening at 10pm est, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren will be airing a special show featuring some of our missing loved ones including Yolanda Bindics. This is a special show were Greta speaks to the family's of some of our missing loved ones in an audience format. In case you miss this show on Saturday November 26th at 9pm est.

Larry King Live Show
This evening at 9pm est, The Larry King Show Live will feature an interview with Monica Caison of The Cue Center. This show was recently scheduled on August 23rd, 2005 but was rescheduled due to Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend's disappearance. It was then rescheduled for November 15th, 2005 but never aired because an interview with Nicole Richie was more appealing to Larry King.
Numerous missing person cases are to be featured on the show including:
Yolanda  Bindics
Jeffrey Lee  Ben
Regina  Bos
Lorne  Boulet
Samantha  Burns
Molly  Dattilo
Brandy Renee  Hanna
Kent Jacobs
Jason Jolkowski
Ashley Renee  Martinez
Joshua Middleton
Mary  Mount
Audrey  Nerenberg
Leah  Roberts
Crystal  Soles
Heather  Teague
Pamela  Waldher

Thursday, November 10th 2005
A popular tv program  once again brought national attention to the missing mother of Jamestown, Yolanda Bindics. The CBS crime-show "Without a Trace" for the second time broadcast a national appeal asking for help in finding Yolanda Bindics.

Saturday, October 29th 2005
Jamestown's Post Journal Readers' Forum: Thanks for Supporting the Bindics Family
A word of gratitude and thanks to the wonderful people, including Ken Lasker, who attended our Pig Roast Benefit on Aug. 6 to benefit Yolanda Bindics's four little girls. The funds will be used for their higher educating and to initiate a better start in the world for them. Also, our sincere appreciation for all the interest and understanding we received throughout the past year from so many people within the community, including the Jamestown Police Department.
We know that hope and prayers are still alive in many hearts for Yolanda. Thank you!
The Bindics Family

Wednesday, October 26th 2005
The City of Jamestown is counter-suing suspended police officer, Michael Watson, who is taking them to court for slander.
Watson says the Jamestown Police Department tarnished his name by referring to him as a person of interest in the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics. Jamestown Police have called Watson a person of interest in the Bindics case because he once had a relationship her. Any Person who had a relationship with Yolanda is considered a person of interest.
Watson says he can account for his whereabouts at the time of her disappearance. However, the Jamestown Police Department says their evidence tells a different story. The countersuit also claims that Watson Did NOT pass the Lie Detector Test.
The Jamestown Police Department has also been informed by the FBI that their agency can't clear Watson's name from the case.

Friday, October 7th 2005
Jamestown Police Officer Michael Watson is claiming that the Jamestown Police Department purposely smeared him, giving the public the impression he is tied to Bindics's disappearance even though they had evidence suggesting he is not.
For example, on the night Bindics disappeared in August of 2004, the lawsuit says Watson was working as a jailer. The lawsuit also says Watson fully cooperated with investigators, submitting himself to seven hours of questioning without a lawyer, taking and passing a polygraph test, providing a D.N.A. sample, and even allowing authorities to search his home and car.
Watson is seeking an unspecified amount of money, claiming investigators have humiliated him, and have made it impossible for him to find a job. Watson continues to be suspended from the force without pay.The Jamestown City Attorney told 2 On Your Side that she will not comment on any pending litigation, but is looking forward to the truth and the facts coming out in court.
2 On Your Side-WGRZ

Paul Webb Jr., an attorney for Michael Watson, said he has filed an 18-page document in State Supreme Court in Mayville on behalf of Watson. In the suit, Webb claims his client has fully cooperated with the investigation and that the three women he allegedly stalked all had consensual relationships with Watson. The suit also takes issue with Watson being called a "person of interest" in the Bindics case. He has not been charged with any crime related to the Bindics case. That case has been turned over to federal authorities.
The papers in Watson's lawsuit say that on that night, Watson was working at the city jail, and before going to work, was spotted on surveillance tape while shopping with his wife and children at a retail store in Lakewood.

Wednesday, October 5th 2005
Jamestown Police Officer, Michael Watson, filed suit against the city of Jamestown and is seeking damages for defamation of character due to the negligent use of the term "Person of Interest" in the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics. Chief William MacLaughlin, Lt. Todd Isaacson, and Captain Lee Davies are all named as Defendants in the suit.
Watson's attorney, Paul Webb claims that Watson immediately told his supervisor about his relationship with Yolanda Bindics. Web says Watson took and passed a lie detector test, which was never revealed to the public. He also claims that the charges for stalking were made with out the consent of the alleged victims.
Time Warner Cable 8 News

Thursday, September 29th 2005 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOLANDA!
This year, on Yolanda’s 27th birthday, her family will be thinking of the song “Somewhere Out There”, and its meaning to all of them. Please help make a dream come true for the Bindics family. Take the time to write to Delilah, asking for the song to be played and dedicated to Yolanda on September 29th.
Perhaps someone, somewhere out there can provide the clue that will bring this family together again.
Check out the Special Birthday Video created by Jim Viola (Thank You Jim!)
Click on Images for Larger View, Photos provided by Yolanda's Sister Margaret

Yolanda Bindics Birthday.jpg

Yolanda Bindics Birthday 3.jpg

Yolanda Bindics Birthday 4.jpg

Yolanda Bindics Birthday 2.jpg

Saturday, September 24th 2005
Michael Watson, the Jamestown police officer accused of stalking several area women, will have to wait even longer to get his day in court. The case of the People vs. Michael Watson, which was scheduled for Sept. 20th in County Court, has been adjourned. The delay was expected. There is no new date at this point. A trial date will be made once an appeal is heard. The Appellate Division has agreed to hear the case.  Cosgrove said he plans to argue, the appeal in person in Rochester.
Watson is presently facing one charge of fourth-degree stalking and four counts of second-degree aggravated harassment. Previously he had been charged with five counts of fourth-degree stalking, one charge of third-degree stalking and one count of official misconduct but those charges were dismissed by County Court Judge John T. Ward. Ward wrote in his decision there was not enough evidence presented in the Grand Jury to charge Watson with those spe-cific charges.
During the grand jury hearing, one. of the alleged victims said Watson did not frighten her nor was she afraid of him. Rather, the woman said he made her feel “uncomfortable.” Another alleged victim stated she was more afraid mentally than emotionally and never thought Watson was going to physically harm her.
A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 25 on one of the criminal charges against him.
The Post-Journal

Saturday, September 10th 2005
The h
uman remains discovered in late August belonged to 46-year-old Madeline Irene of Buffalo. She had been killed and disposed of by her 15-year-old son. A neighbor, convicted sex offender, Edwin Gimenez, is being held as an accomplice. Giminez had psychologically influenced Rosa to kill his mother. Once Irene was dead, Giminez kidnapped and sodomized the boy, who he claims is his son.
A 20-pound bag of rice that was used to weigh down the suitcase of body parts, led police to her killers. On that rice bag was a proof-of-purchase sticker from Tops. Detectives then worked with Tops and found that Madeline Irene used her bonus card to purchase a 20-pound bag of rice.
2 On Your Side-WGRZ

Thursday, August 25th 2005
Human remains have been found floating along the Buffalo Waterfront - Black Rock Canal. Tuesday August 23rd a human chest, spine and pelvis wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a suitcase was found by the shore. Wednesday August 24th, about a quarter mile upstream, someone found 2 more sealed bags, inside is what police believe is a shin, foot and arms. Inside one of the bags was an article of clothing, possibly a blanket.
The bags were even weighted down with something, but police wouldn't say what. They say they remains could've been there for a couple days or a couple months. The Buffalo police report that they've received many calls regarding the Case of Missing Yolanda Bindics.
During a news conference Thursday, police said they were not ruling Bindics out completely, but based on the time frame of how long the body parts were in the water, they doubt it is the missing mother of four.  Police say they know the race of the person, and are pretty sure they know whether it’s a man or a woman, but is all they are saying.

Thursday, August 11th 2005
The Trial of Michael Watson is delayed
The Jamestown police officer accused of harassing several woman will have his day in court... but, not for another month. Jury selection for suspended officer Michael Watson's trial was to begin in county court August 10th. But... Commissioner of Jurors Kathleen Krauza says the start has tentatively been delayed until September 20. Krauza says that's because Special Prosecutor Edward Cosgrove is appealing County Court Judge John Ward's decision to not reinstate six charges that he had dismissed earlier. On July 18, Ward dismissed those charges, which include four counts of harrassment and one stalking charge, on the grounds of insufficient evidence. A charge of official misconduct was also dropped. Cosgrove... a former Erie County District Attorney... was appointed special prosecutor because of a conflict of interest with the Chautauqua County D-A's office. Local attorney Paul Webb is representing Watson. Watson is considered a "Person of Interest" in the missing person's case of Yolanda Bindics. The Jamestown mother of four has now been missing for a year... and police are continuing to track leads into her disappearance. WJTN News Talk

A Special Thank You to the Find Monica Foundation for hosting FindYolanda.com
Thank You 

Wednesday, August 10th 2005    One Year Anniversary of Yolanda's Disappearance 
2 On Your Side-WGRZ
Wednesday marks a sad anniversary in Jamestown. It's been one year since the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics, and it's been an agonizing 12 months for her family. The family is still searching for Yolanda. Yolanda's family has helped raise her four daughters. But, for the most part, they've been living apart, which has been difficult for one of her youngest. "Just the things she says sometimes, like my mommy is in a castle somewhere but she'll be home soon," says Anne Chmielewski, Yolanda's sister. "She sees her pictures on my car and at the store still, and says 'there's my mommy.' Terribly heartbreaking." Bindics' family held a vigil march Wednesday night at the Family Dollar. Organizers gave everyone a flashlight. It’s a symbol, they say, for the searching that will continue. Read More    v

NewsRadio 930 WBEN
It's been a year since a Jamestown mother of four sparked a massive manhunt. And still her family keeps hope alive. Since she was reported missing, family, friends and supporters have spent hours combing the city, and nearby areas, for clues to her disappearance and possible wherabouts, and her mother, Patricia, tells NewsRadio 930 WBEN that on most days, she has hope she will see her daughter again.
To mark the occasion, family members and friends held a vigil and march on Wednesday. It began at the Family Dollar on Fluvanna Avenue, where Bindics worked, and ended at the Arby's Restaurant down the street, where Bindics' car was found the day after she disappeared. Group members carried flashlights, Bindics sister said, to symbolize the search that continues for their loved one. Jamestown Police Captain Lee Davies says the investigation has been difficult due to the lack of physical evidence in the case.

The Post-Journal
The Sky Is Crying. Rain Clouds Don't Deter Yolanda's Family, Friends From Gathering at the Family Dollar, the place where Yolanda Bindics was last seen, during a flashlight Vigil.
*Thank you Post Journal for August 10th and August 11th front page coverage on Yolanda. You did and excellent job....Please continue to do so!

Yolanda Bindics disappeared without a trace and it appears that police are not getting any closer to finding the Jamestown mother. For one year, a family has suffered, searched and prayed. But still, they are keeping hope alive that their sister, daughter and mother will come home. It has been painful for the family of Yolanda Bindics. They've gathered at the Family Dollar Store on Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown. It's where Yolanda worked and where she was last seen. “We're gonna go take our march with our flashlights representing that we are still searching for her,” said Anne Chmielewski, Yolanda's sister. “Because we don't want her name and face to fade away from anybody's minds. We want to keep her name and face out there so in hopes that somebody will see her, recognize her, contact the FBI or the Jamestown Police,” said Margaret Ostrom, Yolanda's sister v

It's been more than a year, but friends and family of a missing mother from Jamestown aren't giving up hope that she's still alive. They held a march and vigil for Yolanda Bindics Wednesday night, the one year anniversary of her disappearance.

 I would like to thank all Media Sources for their continued efforts on covering Yolanda Bindics.

Tuesday, August 9th 2005
Jamestown Police Officer Arrested, Michael Watson, a person of interest in the Yolanda Bindics case has been arrested again.  Watson was arrested during a domestic dispute and  was arraigned on charges of aggravated harassment. The department says he allegedly harassed a woman by phone. Watson is already facing charges of stalking and harassment from incidents last year.

Vigil March to Mark the Anniversary of Yolanda's Disappearance  
When: Wednesday, August 10th 8pm  
Where: Fluvanna Avenue Family Dollar Plaza
Please Wear a White Shirt or a “Missing Yolanda” Shirt which may be purchased at the benefit or before the Vigil March.
Instead of Candles Please Bring a Flashlight. The Flashlights will serve as a symbolism;
“We are Still Searching for Yolanda”
Pig Roast to Benefit the Children of Yolanda Bindics Announced
There will be Food, Refreshments including Beer,
Baskets of Cheer Auction,
Horseshoe Tournament and 50/50 Raffles
When: Saturday, August 6th Noon - 10pm
Where: Falconer Rod & Gun Club (Dow Street)
Buffalo Street Ext, Falconer NY

Wednesday, July 6th 2005
The trial of a Jamestown police officer accused of stalking and harassment will take place in county court next month. Special Prosecutor Ed Cosgrove tells News/Talk 1240 jury selection for the trial of 34 year-old Michael Watson is set to begin August 10th . Which also marks the 1 year anniversary of Yolanda's disappearance. Watson has been arrested on 12 charges related to his alleged crimes against several women, including some who worked for the police department. Watson still remains to be a person of interest in Yolanda's case.
WJTN News Talk

Tuesday, June 28th 2005
Darien Thomas, the father of one of Yolanda's girls, was placed under arrest after threatening to stab some Jamestown police officers.  Darien was being interviewed at the city headquarters as a witness from a previous incident. After the interviewing officer stepped out of the room, he returned to find Darien holding a knife trying to cut his own wrists. He then began to threaten and fight with the officers. The Post-Journal
Yolanda's disappearance is obviously hurting the ones who love her.  Yolanda if you can read this look how it has hurt someone you love. If you the reader knows what happened to Yolanda....can you see how seriously depressed this has made her loved ones...only you can stop this!

Tuesday, May 10th 2005
Jamestown Police Department conducted another search of the sewer system near Lafayette and Jefferson streets today.
Officers are using a remote controlled camera system to scan the sewer system. They are looking for any trace of 26 year old Yolanda Bindics, who disappeared nine months ago after leaving her job on nearby Fluvanna Avenue. Investigators are not releasing results of this latest search. WIVB-TV 4

The body found floating in the Conewango Creek has been identified as Ronald E. Mcbride, 48, of Waren Pa. He has been missing since Feb 1st 2005. The Cause of Death is drowning. How he drowned is not being dislosed at this time. 

Monday, May 9th 2005
Body Found Near Warren Pa.
Glade township volunteer firefighters and water rescue workers recovered the body from the Conewango Creek near Warren on Monday morning around 10 a.m. It is not yet known if the body is a man or a women. Warren-based State Police Sgt. William Gordon says, "The body has been in the water quite awhile. It's definitely not something that happened in the last few weeks. According to Gordon, it’s possible the body could have been in the water for a year or more “depending on what the position of the body was, if it was in a big pool of water and it was cold.”We’re checking into all the missing persons in the area.”
The Post-Journal

Wednesday, April 13th 2005
The Jamestown Police Department conducted an early morning planned search in the Monroe Street and Chadakoin Park area in Jamestown today with the help of the Jamestown Fire Department. The area was combed for evidence that may have been concealed by heavy foliage or that will be concealed by the growth of new spring plants. Evidence was found washed up after heavy rains back in September.
Lt. Todd Isaacson says the search was protective but declines to state wither any evidence if any was found. Isaacson says that they are going over everything previously looked at and re-interviewing. This case is still open and they will not stop until they find the answers.
Time Warner Cable 8 News

For more than six months, Yolanda Bindics' large family, including 10 sisters and brothers, has clung to the hope that she remains alive. Family members point out that exhaustive searches of a landfill, a gorge, wooded areas and even a Jamestown river have failed to turn up her body.

"We've torn Jamestown apart, and we haven't found any sign of her," said one sister, Anne Chmielewski of Buffalo. "That honestly has given me some kind of hope." Now those hopes are starting to fade. For the first time since Bindics disappeared Aug. 10, her siblings sound less optimistic that the Buffalo native and Jamestown mother of four remains alive.

Fueling that doubt is the investigation into Michael Watson, a suspended Jamestown police officer who had been seeing their sister.   Now, a 32-page disciplinary document from the Jamestown Police Department claims that Watson had a sexual relationship with Bindics, and authorities have called him a "person of interest" in her disappearance.

A recent Buffalo News story on that report clearly has eroded some of the family's optimism.

Monday, March 7th 2005

What really happened to
Yolanda Bindics?

Six months after she disappeared, her family clings to hope

News Staff Reporter

Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News
From left, Yolanda's brother John; her mother, Patricia; her sister Anne Chmielewski; her father, Imre; and another brother, Jim


Once again, Thank You Buffalo News for Continuing the excellent Coverage on Yolanda!

From left, Yolanda's sister Christine; her brother Alex, her sister Margaret, and her brother Joe

"Before that article, I felt very strongly that she's still alive," Ostrom said in a lengthy phone interview from her North Carolina home. "Now that I've read that article, I'm scared. "I'm sickened by what I read about him and his behavior and knowing that Yolanda was involved with him," she added.

While detectives continue looking for new leads, the investigation hasn't yielded much new information recently. "We're still hoping somebody in the public has some information that they were afraid to come forward with or thought it was irrelevant," Davies said. He wouldn't comment on Watson's possible involvement in the Bindics case, adding that Jamestown police asked the FBI to investigate that angle. An FBI spokesman declined to comment, and Watson's attorney did not return a phone call seeking his comment.

Among 23 departmental misconduct charges against Watson, he's accused of being absent from his jailer duties early on the morning of Aug. 11, just hours after Bindics vanished.

Tuesday, February 22nd 2005
Suspended Jamestown Police Officer Michael Watson, facing a possible jail term on stalking and harassment allegations involving three women, could be drummed off the police force as a result of 23 department misconduct charges involving seven women, including a still-missing Jamestown woman.

Among the department disciplinary charges,
Watson is accused of failing to properly enter the status of prisoners at the police jail while assigned as a jailer there late last Aug. 10th and allegedly absenting himself from his jailer duties improperly. Watson is accused of withholding allegedly "valuable information relative to the investigation of the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics, with whom you had a personal relationship of a sexual nature and with whom you had recent contact" between last Aug. 10 and last Aug. 14.

The disciplinary case, which alleges misconduct beginning in the late 1990s and includes alleged harassment of two other female police employees and two Jamestown "civilians," has been halted pending completion of Watson's criminal case by order of State Supreme Court Justice Paula L. Feroleto. BuffaloNews

Thursday, February 10th 2005
Exactly 6 months since Yolanda disappeared and still no trace of her.  
Days turned into weeks, searches in the late days of summer and late days of fall, benefits too, still no official suspects no solid leads.

"I just feel like we're losing the support of the police. Even a phone call, even if nothing is happening, just to let us know they're still behind us. I don't want the case to go cold," Anne says as tears begin to fall. She plans to help herself by putting a picture of Yolanda on a billboard, maybe even questioning some people herself, but really, all she knows to do right now, is pray.

"There's still hope," she says, "it's not over yet." It's all the family and friends can do, is to stay hopeful and keep praying for Yolanda.

Jamestown Police say the case is still officially open. 2 On Your Side-WGRZ

Monday, January 24th 2005
The attorney for a suspended Jamestown police officer was in court today to try and put off a civil service hearing until the criminal case against him is complete.

Michael Watson is accused in a criminal indictment of stalking and harassing some female city employees. The indictment states that he followed three different
women in his police car, parked outside their homes, called them repeatedly, told them things like "I want you," and "I can't stay away from you."

In court papers released today relative to the civil service charges, Watson is accused of using his position as a police officer to gain access to female employees
phone numbers, work schedules and other records. The papers claim he sent alarming e-mails to several women via computer, that he set up unauthorized traffic
stops in order to pull female city employees over, then make moves on them.

The civil service case against Watson also accuses him of exposing himself on Jamestown City property including City Hall. In addition, it states he had sex with
female city workers in the city jail bathroom, in the police gym, in a parking enforcement office and at other locations while on duty.

Civil service allegations state that Watson "neglected duty to report valuable information relative to Yolanda Bindics disappearance, with whom he had a personal relationship of a sexual nature, and with whom he had recent contact at the time of her disappearance, thereby repressing, concealing and distorting the facts of the incident and impeding the investigation."

Watson's attorney, Paul Webb, said "any conduct that took place at the police station was consensual." He said if its deemed improper, then that's for the police chief to deal with. "Once his position is known, you'll see Officer Watson is not guilty of stalking, harassing, or official misconduct," said Webb.

A civil service hearing had been slated to start later this week.
Lynne Dixon, Reporter 2 On Your Side-WGRZ

Saturday, January 22nd 2005
A suspended Jamestown police officer is trying to keep his job. Michael Watson is expected to appear in State Supreme Court Monday to stop the City of Jamestown from firing him. Watson pleaded not guilty earlier this month to 12 counts of harassing and stalking female city employees. He is also considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Jamestown mother Yolanda Bindics. WIVB-TV 4

Saturday, January 15th 2005

Benefit Held  - Western New Yorkers showed generosity and support for the children of a missing Jamestown woman, Yolanda Bindics.
2 on Your Side
 In a difficult situation, family and friends of Yolanda Bindics did their best to have a good time.
Saturday night, a fund raiser was held at AMVETS Medallion Post 13 in Buffalo to collect money for Bindics' four daughters. "The community has expressed they would like to help in some way, and they're doing so tonight," said Christine Bindics, one of Yolanda's sisters.
Investigators said they have no major leads, however, Captain Lee Davies with the Jamestown police said, "We still do receive tips and leads and those are investigated."
It is against this backdrop that family and friends held the fund raiser.
"You know, I try to keep up hope, because I can't understand why. She wasn't into anything that anyone would have against her," said Patricia Bindics, Yolanda's mother. "It's just tough every day," said Christine Bindics. "I don't want to say I'm hopeful, but at the same time I don't want to say I have no hope."

7 News
It’s been particularly hard for the Bindics family, especially for Yolanda Bindics' young daughters who've now gone through their first Christmas without their mother.
“It was really sad,” said Anne Chiemewski, Bindics’ sister. “Two of my sisters, one made ornaments with their moms picture, and just seeing them looking at the picture and just kissing it, for me that was more heartbreaking. They can't have her there and it was constant every time I turned around they were just kissing it.”
The family has been trying to shield the children as much as possible from the glare of media attention and the dark possibilities of their mothers fate. It's a delicate subject breeched gently among the Bindics'.
“We let them know there are bad people out there, but we don’t know what’s happened to her and we're doing everything we can to help find her,” said Chiemewski.

It was a night to enjoy music, and share a few laughs. Friends, family members and complete strangers came out to this Amvets post in Back Rock. They were all here for these 4 little girls, who are now living life without their mother. Yolanda's family organized this benefit. Her daughters ages 8 through 18 months were here too.
Yolanda's mother Patricia Bindics: "We're hoping to use the funds for the children's college." Patricia Bindics is still holding out hope that her daughter will someday return safely, but for now, she's facing the reality of not ever seeing her youngest daughter again. Patricia Bindics: "We're coming to term, we gotta go on and do the best for the kids we do what we can." 

Monday, January 3rd 2005
Suspended Jamestown police officer Michael Watson pleaded not guilty to stalking and harassment charges today in Chautauqua County Court. Watson will be back in court for a pre-trial conference later this month.
Meanwhile, Jamestown police continue to investigate the disappearance of Yolanda Bindics. "We still have evidence that is out with labs, still waiting for some of those results to come back to us," said Captain Lee Davies. "In fact, we were just in touch with the local FBI office last week and checking on the status of that evidence and it has not yet returned," he said. Captain Davies says while leads continue to come in, they are fewer and further between. He calls the case "troubling" but is hopeful it will eventually be solved.

Sunday, January 2nd 2005
Michael Watson, a suspended officer of the Jamestown Police Department, will make his first official appearance in Chautauqua County Court on Monday, where he will be arraigned to begin the process of setting a trial date. Watson's attorney, Paul Webb says his client innocent of the crimes and will enter a plea of Not Guilty in Court scheduled on Monday January 1st. Webb said that Watson's relationship with each women was consensual. Webb says that all three women are employed by the city and worked in the same department as Watson. Watson's attorney says the chief mislead the public into thinking that Watson harassed Several women not just the three. According to Webb, "He didn't have anything to do with the Yolanda Bindics case.  Watson has been 100% cooperative with the FBI and has given everything wanted by the FBI from interviews to DNA tests."
Edward Cosgrove is prosecuting the case against Michael Watson. The trial will take place in County Court with John T. Ward presiding as the judge.

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